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Municipal Court and Small Bail Bonds

Municipal Court and Small Bail Bonds can be posted for traffic warrants and failure to appear bail bonds. Depending on the municipal court charge certain requirements may apply in order to ensure the defendants appearance.

We offer bail bond payment plans and serve all New Jersey County Courts and Police Departments for bail bonds and warrant bail bonds.

Fast Service

We understand the importance of freeing your loved one. Using our Sign on Line feature we can get the process moving fast!


We realize all people are different with different situations. We do our best to accomodate your individual needs.

Payment Plans

Let us help you. It isn’t always easy paying for unexpected events. We Offer Payment Plans and accept all Major Credit Cards.


We will do what we promise and will be there when we say. We are in the business to help people.

No Nonsense!

We will not take a dime until we can assure you your signers and the bail has been approved and ready to be posted!


You can rest assured All Towne Bail Bonds will protect your information and not disclose it to anyone.



Municipal and Small bail bonds by All Towne Bail Bonds realizes the urgency of freeing your loved one fast.

Being a Family owned New Jersey Bail Bond Company, you can rest assured there is compassion, understanding and genuine concern for not only the arrested, but the entire family. We will discuss with you, your options and payment terms for a bail bond.

No obligation consultation, even at your home, place of business, your attorney’s office or a confidential location to accommodate you.

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The Bail Bond Process:

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Indemnitors (signers)

We require at least one person to indemnify the New Jersey Bail Bond. In most cases you must be employed and able to show proof. Signers are not always based on credit worthiness. The time you have known the defendant or you relationship also play a large part.

The Risk

If there were no risk we would not ask for a signer. However, we require all defendants on bail to check in weekly with our GPS check-in app. If you are sure the defendant will appear each and every time they are required in court, there is little to worry about.

How Does the Approval Happen?

We weigh the Charges, Prior Arrest History, the Relationship between the Defendant and the Signer(s) along with the ability to pay for the bond and the risk or ability for us to be sure we can produce the defendant in court as required.

Don't Take Our Word for It

“I thought I had no place to turn until a friend recommended All Towne. I was short on cash but they gave me an easy payment plan to bail my brother from jail.”

Sean w.Indemnitor

“When I could not leave work to sign for my son’s bail bond, they allowed me to e-sign and pay online. My son was released before I was home.”

Michelle S.Indemnator

“When I got a warrant in the mail I called these guys and was able to get the bail bond right away without going to jail. They sent a bondsman to meet me.”

William J.Defendant

Bail Bonds in Monmouth County Middlesex Ocean and All New Jersey Courts requiring bail bonds are posted fast and confidential.

Main Office: 55 Leonardville Road, Middletown NJ 07718 Call 732-984-4000

As a part of our service we inform you of the potential risks of posting a bail bond and the risks of either leaving the defendant in jail or freeing them from custody. We will discuss any problems they may have, be it substance abuse, repeat offender or just plain needing to grow up and take responsibility.

We will together with you, form a plan in assuring their appearance in court and doing the right things while on bail. Including ways to stay out of future trouble and seeking help or counseling if needed.

We help to free everyone in need of a NJ Bail Bond , we want to help and work with those who have made foolish choices and are actually good people in need of guidance to obtain a New Jersey Bail Bond.

We offer bail bond payment plans and serve all New Jersey County Courts and Police Departments for bail bonds and warrant bail bonds.



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  • 732-984-4000

    Call Now! 24 Hour Service